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Capital Improvement

Glen Oak's standard of excellence is not without elevation. Consistent deliberation regarding club improvement is a part of Glen Oak's dedication to member experience. Through the support of its members, Glen Oak has been able to establish consistent capital improvements to maintain the Club and offer the highest quality amenities and golf experience. 

In 2021, Glen Oak's members elected to implement exciting new additions to Glen Oak's facilities: 


In Spring 2022, Glen Oak finalized the installation of a new, modernized water irrigation system that will more efficiently water the course. Operationally, more sprinklers result in a more precise water application, leaving the ability to water areas separately with increased control. With this improved technology also comes easier troubleshooting and maintenance. Ultimately, the uniformity of water application, coupled with the reliable operation of a new system, will result in better overall playing conditions for golfers to experience throughout the year.


Glen Oak's recent additions, most notably, the Sports Complex, illustrate the club's vision to evolve and incorporate forward-thinking into the long-term culture and community of the Club. Completed in 2022, a brand new, state-of-the-art, two-story complex, located between the 9th fairway and Hill Avenue, offers year-round programming and activities for our Members to enjoy.

Throughout the history of Glen Oak, our Members have consistently supported the renovations necessary to build upon the Glen Oak Experience and make our Club one in which we remain proud.

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