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Caddie Program

The renowned Caddie Program has been and continues to be an integral part of the history and experience at Glen Oak Country Club. In 1911, the founding members of Glen Oak recognized the value of creating, supporting and growing the Caddie Program. In the 1920's, a young caddie saw an opportunity to do something he loved and capitalized on it through dedication, commitment and hard work. This beloved caddie, nicknamed “Pinky”, became a symbol of Glen Oak’s rich caddie tradition. Pinky’s likeness has been the Club’s logo since the 1970's and his legend has been alive since he roamed the fairways some 90 years ago.


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 season.


The Chick Evans Scholarship is sponsored by the Western Golf Association through donations from member clubs. This prestigious award grants four year, full tuition and housing college scholarships to successful caddie applicants from modest means. Glen Oak is proud to have ninety four (94) caddies to date, beginning in 1960, graduate college through the Evans scholarship. Plus, more than 80% of our members have historically donated to the Western Golf Association. Please visit for more information.

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